Enhanced Robotic Continuous Ultrasonic Welding

Automated Path Planning and AI as Enabler Technologies

Enhanced Robotic Continuous Ultrasonic Welding

To use the full potential of robotic ultrasonic welding the key enablers online quality and weld path control as well as automated weld path planning are in the center of focus.

Automated Path Planning and AI as Enabler Technologies
Robotic continuous ultrasonic is one of the most promising technologies to efficiently join high performance thermoplastic and thermoset components. Within the LaiLa project the technology shall be further enhanced by using automated path planning based on measurement data and AI for online quality control.

Within the first phase the infrastructure will be enabled to integrate the ambitious target within the project. Although the technology itself is undergoing development to enable industrial application specific quality criteria are identified to apply different concepts of reinforcement learning on them and make the first steps to online quality control.

In parallel a method is developed to allow the use of component measurement data for the automated path planning in a feasible CAD/CAM software and translate those programmes to the robotic system using G-Code or robot native languages.

Current robotic ultrasonic welding infrastructure at CTC

Ultrasonic Welding KTM E Technologies - CTC

The ultrasonic welding process applied on the joining of thermoset components in collaboration with KTM e-Technologies.

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