Robotic Fiber Layup

Robotic Fiber Layup

Automated manufacturing process for 3D Fiber Layup

In contrast to manual manufacturing processes for fiber composites, automated or semi-automated fiber layup processes are of major importance, especially for the aerospace industry, due to their high reproducibility and reliability.

Some of the most frequently applied techniques are Automated Fiber Placement (AFP), Automated Tape Laying (ATL), Filament Winding and Additive manufacturing with continuous fibers. By automating these manufacturing processes, components can be produced more cost-effectively, time-efficiently and with minimal waste.

Load-optimized orientation of the fibers during production leads to a reduction in material, since material is only present in areas where it is needed. Intelligent automated processes for fiber placement and orientation can minimize production costs. Even if individual process steps are already fully automated, the entire process, especially when load-path oriented manufacturing is used, is not automated and requires manual action and interpretation of results. This approach results in high production costs, especially due to material-intensive waste, while load optimization is neglected.

Our goal in LaiLa is to automate the sequence of software and process steps as much as possible, so that with the help of the load analysis, which identifies and quantifies the load areas, an automated fiber path planning is created, followed by a robot path planning, which can then realize the manufacturing process.

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